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Daylesford Massage

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

Reassuring strokes will gently induce a state of profound relaxation and comfort within you. A deeply relaxing massage using pure essential oils that are calming, harmonize emotions and disperse anxiety. Divinely fragrant too.

30 min-$80   60 min-$110   90 min-$150

Renewal Massage

A deep tissue style of massage to sort out those nagging aches and pains and relieve stress. May include focused deep tissue and trigger point work to release tight and sore muscles and gentle stretching. Rejuvenating and also extremely relaxing.

30 min-$85  60 min-$120   90 min-$160

Hot Stone Massage

Take your massage to a whole new level of pleasure by adding Hot Stones to either of the above massages. Let the stones penetrate deep heat into the muscles, relaxing and releasing tension. A very nurturing experience.

Add $10

Daylesford Massage Deals

Renewal Masage Daylesford

Couples Massage

Enjoy a treatment with a cherished friend together in a shared room with two therapists. All of our treatments are suitable as couples treatments. You can have the same or different treatments side by side. A great way to introduce someone to their first experience and ideal for best friends or  Mother’s and Daughters too.

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle, holistic soft tissue therapy involving a series of small precise movements which influence the neuronal pathways to the brain. It stimulates the bodies natural ability to heal, resetting muscle tension and balancing energy. It provides pain relief and help for many conditions. Usually deeply relaxing too.

60 min-$95

Heavenly Combinations

Massage with any combination of these other treatments: Facial, Feet Treat or Salt Scrub

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